Ogbeta.ng: Woman celebrates divorce by throwing £500 bash for 50 guests including new lover (Photos)

Monday, 17 February 2020

Woman celebrates divorce by throwing £500 bash for 50 guests including new lover (Photos)

A makeup artist celebrated her divorce by throwing a lavish £500 party for 50 guests - including her new lover - and says the bash was better than her wedding.

Emma Barua, 29, had been with her former boyfriend for two years when they decided to get married to help him move from Australia to the UK so they could be together long-term in July 2017.

But after making the move, the newlyweds' marriage broke down 16 months after their fairytale £2,000 wedding and the couple filed for divorce in November 2018.
When she received her decree nisi and the divorce was finalised, Emma, from Brighton, East Sussex, celebrated with a bash for friends and family.

Donning a red floor-length velvet dress, the stunner marked the occasion by destroying a black heart-shaped pinata and cutting into a vegan dark chocolate cake on her own while guests enjoyed a DJ, balloons and party games.

Emma, who has since entered a relationship with new beau Angus, 38, said: "I wasn't sad and I didn't want people to be sad for me because I saw it as a celebration.

"The party was the complete antithesis of a wedding but there were certain things that felt similar. "I wore a long red velvet dress and then changed into a short red number which was me saying 'I am embracing my freedom and feeling sexy and single again'.

"The day went by so quickly like a wedding day does, and I was running around trying to say hello to everyone. "I felt happier on that night of the party than I did on my wedding day because it was just about me, not about me joining my life with someone else, it was all about my future and what it holds.

"People said I should get a pinata with my ex's face on it but I said I didn't want to do that because it's not about him, it was about me.

"I'd had amazing support from people around me and I had even met some amazing new friends along the way so I wanted to embrace this new part of my life."

Emma said her marriage broke down because the pair lost communication and trust but admitted the split was mutual. After meeting her new boyfriend last May, Emma even celebrated leaving her husband with her new squeeze by her side at the bash.

Emma said: "I remember saying before my wedding 'this doesn't seem real'. "We didn't have communication in our relationship anymore - I tried for months to find a way forward but eventually I decided I'd had enough."

Now Emma claims she can't see herself getting married again in the near future but hasn't ruled down walking down another aisle for good.

She said: "Maybe one day my views on marriage right now will change, but I would definitely recommend a divorce party to anyone who wants to mark the new phase of their life in a happy and joyful way.
"I'm already looking forward to helping a friend celebrate her divorce once it's finalised."

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