Ogbeta.ng: Bedroom Video Of Maryam Booth Leaks Online As Her Senator Boyfriend, Uba Sani Hides

Friday, 7 February 2020

Bedroom Video Of Maryam Booth Leaks Online As Her Senator Boyfriend, Uba Sani Hides

It is such an interesting day on the Nigerian social media scene; Maryam Booth is the girlfriend of popular northern senator, Uba Sani and guess what? Her video leaked online.

We still don't know who is responsible for the leak but the video was leaked and she has become the topic of conversation among Nigerians online.

Maryam Booth is from the conservative northern part of Nigeria (popularly called the Arewa) and videos like this one that has leaked is seen as an abomination (haram) both against the tradition and the (islamic) religion of the Northern people of Nigeria.

What are your thoughts on this unfortunate incident?

Watch the video HERE

Many Nigerians are not crossing the “T” and dotting the “I” because a few days ago, Senator Sani Uba was seen naked coming out of the bathroom in a leaked video.

Whether it is revenge or not, well-meaning Nigerians have condemned the leaking of one’s nakedness to the public.

Twitter user wrote, “Whoever uploads a nude video or picture of anyone on the internet is evil and inhuman. consider the emotional trauma, the shame and the stigma the person will carry forever before tarnishing their image in such an abominable manner. I feel sorry for Maryam Booth!!!”

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But another user has a different opinion. The user said, “I believe they are the ones that released UBA SANI video, now his own camp has to release hers… I see a war coming, a war coming lol…”

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