Ogbeta.ng: Nigerians React Angrily After Lagos Awarded Beautification Contract to Suya Firm

Thursday, 31 August 2017

Nigerians React Angrily After Lagos Awarded Beautification Contract to Suya Firm

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Nigerians have lambasted Lagos State Governor Akinwunmi Ambode following the shocking discovery that the landscaping and beautification of the Costain Roundabout Garden was awarded to a barbecue services company - Topmost Suya and Asun Enterprises.

According to Punch, Nigerians have called on the government to conduct an investigation how such a blunder was committed. Some Nigerians have described the contract as scam, saying it is a reflection of the state of the country.

“What do you expect in a corrupt country; fictitious names of contractors. What a shame.” Hrm Paul asked.

Asampokoto added: “There’s absolutely nothing funny about this. If anything, we should be asking questions. This is obviously a company that doesn’t exist; the contract was obviously awarded to a person who then subcontracted it after stealing his own bit,” he posted.

“Nigerian youths; this should actually cause some sort of investigations; read about what Diezani stole (with crony companies) and it doesn’t occur that the ‘Suya’ company is actually a front? May God help us,” a post under anonymous pseudonym said.

Another reader, Ifeanyi Ekwo, said, “Lolz…only in Naija! A company registered to provide barbecue services is given contract for landscaping and road beautification; he reissues the contract to a specialist who bills him for half the value of the contract.

In the end, the cost of the contract is tripled…and tomorrow we go say how govt dey spend money sef #Accountability.”

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